First off – I want to explain what made me want to start this story.  I am not sure if any of you have ever heard of the Anime Vampire Knight(and if you have I apologize). It is about a girl named Yuuki(or Yuki) Cross who is the Head Master’s daughter of a school. As for her name, it is spelt both ways as above – it doesn’t matter both are correct, I spelt it the original way that it came out in the Anime. I have enjoyed this anime for as long as I can remember, they also made a Anime that was I believe a sequel to Vampire Knight but I can not remember the name right now.

I tried to get Yuuki’s feature’s as close as possible to her in the Anime, and I have to say I think I did a alright job.  The only thing that was missing was the school uniform that she was wearing in the show so I just substituted it for the original Japanese school uniform that girls wear now a day’s in some anime’s as well as schools in japan as well depending on the school.  As for the back story, I had to make that up since I don’t have certain things to meet the criteria(I think that’s the right word) of how it is in the Anime. The photo down below is what Yuuki actually looks like that I decided to set as my page logo, since none of my actual pictures from the game filled the whole space like I wanted, this photo is close enough to fill the space. I can’t take credit for the photo though that is my logo – I got it off of Photo Bucket, and I also did not put the text in there either.

Secondly – I used my imagination quite well so far I think when it came to her age. I put it as Yuuki being a 15 year old teenager, who can’t remember much. As I stated I had to switch things up that were not related to the Anime. Yuuki found herself in Windenburg, and right away found a Bank(more about this in chapter’s I’ve written) and got her money switched to Simoleans. I also substituted the school she attended, using imagination I decided to say she had two options for schooling.

The first which doesn’t really exist in the game(I kind of wish it did, it would be interesting..unless it comes with a expansion I don’t have) is Windenburg Academy, and her second option of school was Windenburg Public High School. I had her attend Windenburg Academy – while her Husband(I have MC Command Center in the game – which enables me to marry teenagers) attended Windenburg Public High School(again more on him, and his past – I again used imagination..to add twist in chapters). Though before I do go on, I’d like to note that some chapters including some I’ve already written may contain language not suitable for children another words a NSFW – or a Not Safe For Work…etc.  I rarely do something like this, but I thought it’d add a twist to the story a bit since this will be my first Teenager(well it started them as teenagers) Legacy. I’ve attempted Teenage Legacy’s before and they failed, but I have a feeling this one will be successful since a Anime I like inspired me to start it.

Thirdly – I will put a warning on the top of the Chapters that contain language or other adult content so that people do not get caught off guard. So basically I’ll be controlling, while also letting things happen unexpectedly in the game that is beyond my control – basically autonomous actions

An Finally – Thank you for taking the time to read all of that, I apologize that it is so long. Now on to the main topic – What this Story is about: as I noted like way up at top(LOL) Yuuki doesn’t remember much, but found herself in Windenburg she doesn’t know how or why – but decided she’d stay there since it seemed like a decent place. First things first was she definitely needed a change of cloths since the one’s she was wearing were dirty, torn, and ripped and just terrible. Though before that she had to find a bank since she found she had money in the back pack she was carrying but couldn’t read any of what was on it. Once she found a bank she hoped they wouldn’t ask her to many questions because honestly she wouldn’t know any answer’s except that she was 15 years old. Luckily it all went smoothly and they turned her money into Simoleans, and she was surprised to learn she had more then she thought – but she had to spend wisely.

She still had to get some clothes, find a place to eat because she was starving, and a place to live and then decided she better enroll in school – she was sure she’s gone to school before and didn’t want to waste what she’s already learned – what ever it was.  Finally with clean and new cloths on her back, Yuuki went to a small cafe’ and ordered a salad and then decided she better look into a school before finding a place to live. Yuuki was pleased to find out she had two options when it came to school – one was Windenburg Academy and the other was Windenburg Public High School.  She chose the Academy since it had more options then Windenburg Public High School – and with her life goal wanting to someday be married and have some children she was sure the Academy would teach her more skills then what Windenburg Public High School could provide.

Moving on – Before I spoil it for everyone in chapters 🙂 Yuuki wanted to keep the Cross name going because she knew somehow that it was a important name that had been going on for generations. So…now here we are…Welcome to The Cross Story. 🙂


~ Cross Story ~