Til’ Death do us Part. (Yuuki and Wolfgang finally pass away)*Ch 5.7*

08-12-17_9-01-44 PM

Yuuki and Wolfgang passed away 3 month’s after Johnathan and I’s wedding. It was a hard hit…especially after Yuuki and Wolfgang…Clary and Julian were still mourning Emma. Yuuki passed away first, and Wolfgang the next day – just like the Unbreakable Bond say’s…it didn’t break between them until Wolfgang was laid to rest next to Yuuki. It’s hit Johnathan hard…he hasn’t been home now for two day’s, but something else happened before Yuuki and Wolfgang passed away. Serenity and Elinore and Clary..died in a car accident – which Julian barely survived.

Julian suddenly feeling or becoming a only child, with Johnathan and I as his gaurdian’s now is going to take awhile for Julian to get used too. Okay…maybe take awhile for me to get used too – even after I’ve been living under Johnathan’s roof for awhile now. I see it as a way for me to get ready…for when I …we have our own kid though. It hurt’s that Yuuki and Wolfgang are gone, all the conversations I’ve held with them – helped them with. I now won’t have someone to talk to…when Johnathan …shut’s me out….again.

Johnathan feels that Serenity, Elinore and Clary’s death..and even Julian what happened to him..is Johnathan’s fault. It isn’t his fault..I wish he didn’t feel that way – we all wished he didn’t feel that way. Especially me…


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