The Note…*Ch 5.6* (Adult Content)

I went to check the mail a day after everything had settled down with Johnathan and his accident. Ramiro had moved in and was taking care of him, and decided to hold off the wedding for two weeks just to be sure everything is okay with Johnathan. I was just about to put it on the dining table when a small envelope fell to the floor with Johnathan’s name on it. I was confused…Johnathan hardly got mail, thinking back to a few day’s ago him kicking me out of his room…him being so drunk, and so high. I again pissed him off…wearing out my welcome in his bedroom.

Shaking my head and coming back to reality I hollered up the stairs.

Wolfgang: “Johnathan you have mail!”

I heard commotion upstairs, as usual Johnathan stumbling in his room. Sighing inwardly…maybe I could get Ramiro to talk to him about …him slowing down on his drinking. I don’t even think Ramiro knew about his other …problem…well rephrase that..not really a problem. Something told me he didn’t know, and thinking about it I was surprised Ramiro hadn’t picked up on that extra feeling…and if he has..I wonder if he knows what it is. Looking up at the sound of slurred voice, I hadn’t didn’t even hear him coming down the stairs..or into the dining room.

I wasn’t even aware I had walked back into the dining room I was so deep in thought.

Johnathan: “an you just have to fucking yell right…because walking upstairs and knocking has become to fucking hard for you right…i have a god damn headache..or did you forget the fucking incident that took fucking place..jesus christ!”

Shaking my head in annoyance and frustration at his language, and drunkenness this early in the day I handed him the envelope..only to have it yanked from my hand. Where the hell was Ramiro right now anyway, sighing I bite back a acidic reply..I guess even he need’s a break every now and then too. Wait..I need to remember Johnathan is 18, technically he can do what ever he wants…I just wish he wouldn’t drink – or well get high at least it isn’t a habit…or was it? sighing and leaning against the wall putting my hand’s in my pocket..I risk the question in a barely audible voice.

Wolfgang: “Johnathan….has it become a habit? ….you getting high..I mean..? …does he know…Ramiro I mean?”

I heard him sigh in frustration and kick the wall with a thump. Closing my eye’s I waited for either a outburst or something. Considering his accident..which was caused by both Ramiro and I accidentally Johnathan still had the temper, and anger ….and things bothering him regardless of it all. I highly doubt he’s letting Ramiro in anymore, or talking to him about things…or he wouldn’t be feeling or doing any of this maybe. Means….he’s blocked out Ramiro…but can still..feel..or has The Unbreakable Bond – he replied in a dark whisper.

Wolfgang: “How’d you do it..? How did you….how can you block him out..yet you still have The Unbreakable Bond?”

Johnathan: “again…really – so much for you staying out of it and dropping it huh asshole.  no..he doesn’t know, and you best keep your fucking mouth shut about it too wolfgang. “does he know…ramiro i mean” what the fuck was that suppose to mean anyway…you aware how fucking stupid that sounded. an wouldn’t you like to  fucking know if it has or not – oh wait you do want to know to –  fucking bad…listen to my next words carefully; fuck off…best to keep out of it and drop it like you said you would.”
Johnathan: “an even you said…he and i had a unbreakable bond you and her have never seen before. so how the fuck do you think you jack ass…yeah..i still rephrase that – we still have The Unbreakable Bond…or we wouldn’t still be together…now would we wolfgang? why do you ask the stupidest fucking questions…a example..”can i come in”..gee i don’t know…you wouldn’t of knocked on a door if you didn’t want to come in. jesus fucking christ…thanks for the mail…now fuck off…we’re done talking.”

Sighing inwardly I pushed myself off the wall and walked away. Johnathan saying we were done talking…was practically him dismissing me. He had already staggered away anyway saying I was a god damn idiot – this was getting really annoying. I ran into Ramiro walking in from the back yard, and cursed out loud. Just because I was angry at Johnathan, and annoyed doesn’t mean I should snap at his fiance’.

Looking up..I quickly apologize with a fake smile on my face..

Ramiro: “Whoa..easy. No worries, what’s wrong? want to talk about it?

Sighing I turn and sit down  annoyed, one thing about Johnathan’s fiance’…he didn’t like seeing other’s upset. Even if we weren’t family yet…it didn’t seem to bother him at all and always wanted to sit and talk. I don’t know if it was just his way of trying to get to know us..or just how Ramiro was in general. Trying to think of something to say..or even where to start …I didn’t want to upset him. He’s already done so much already…by taking care of Johnathan, and helping me when Johnathan had his accident to begin with.

Wolfgang: “Simply put….Johnathan. Look…I don’t want to get in the middle of anything Ramiro…but has he blocked you out..completely – yet you still feel The Unbreakable Bond? I honestly don’t know what’s happened to him …especially since Em – never right now..he’s already drunk Ramiro..and it’s not even 12 pm. Maybe you could talk to him about slowing down…..especially since…well your guy’s wedding is right around the corner.”

I got up and started pacing the room with one hand in my pocket and ran a hand through my hair. It was all beyond frustrating right now, and even harder since I couldn’t tell him about other things…I was guessing if Ramiro knew about Johnathan’s drug use…though I’m hoping it’s not a wouldn’t be verbal this time…but physical. Why was Johnathan blocking out Ramiro…to begin with…sighing I stopped my pacing and leaned against the window staring at the ground.

Ramiro: “Yeah…he didn’t sleep all night. I don’t know what’s going on with him…has his sleep schedule always been like this? I eventually gave up in trying to get him to lay down last night, he eventually left the room and played piano all night. When I did try and go out there he told me to go back in the room…and I didn’t exactly want to argue with him. Yes – he’s blocked me out, but I can still feel The Unbreakable Bond, the night I had come in and woke you up…erm which I still apologize for making you fall off the couch…I texted him telling him I wished he’d talk to me or something…his response was quiet…well something along the lines you miss me i find that funny i forgot to laugh or something of that sort..and then the phone got shut off.”

Sighing I shrugged…yeah he was drunk and – high…okay no I can’t tell him the high part. God damn it…this makes things so complicated to talk to Ramiro straight forward…it reminded me…of me sadly. How I hid things…from others, for awhile – gritting my teeth I started pacing all over again in frustration.

Wolfgang: “Yeah…he was really drunk when he came home Ramiro. I told him that you were trying to get a hold of him, in fact he walked in holding a vodka bottle like it was nothing. It wasn’t really surprised…but everyone else was…his wrist was bleeding…which you saw when the doctor wrapped it earlier after they gave him something for his head. Anyway…I don’t want to screw nothing up between you and he..which won’t happen anyway..but just a warning ..what he said next after I told him about you trying to get a hold of you..wasn’t that nice…- I won’t tell you if you don’t want me too….”

Ramiro: “No. It’s okay, I think I already know what is was. Your right, nothing will change between us. Yeah, I saw…it still confuses me too. As for him being drunk right now, I don’t know what’s going on right now Wolfgang. Yeah …I’ll try and talk to him about it Wolfgang. ”

Johnathan: “Talk to me about what… Ramiro? “

Ramiro and I both jumped at the sound of Johnathan’s voice. Shit…how long had he been standing there? I was officially annoyed…great so now he can ease drop with out being heard. Sighing I look at Johnathan…an realize right away he was more then just drunk…he really shouldn’t be doing any of this after his accident. God damn it! Gritting my teeth I glare at him and shake my head before shoving past him and whispering under my breath…

Wolfgang: “An you fucking tell me I keep secrets…you fucking hypocrite.”

The grip on my arm hurt like hell, and he was doing it on purpose. I grit my teeth and clenched my fist…really he wants to do this right front of his fiance’ at that. Freaking moron. His whisper was dark, and venomous

Johnathan: “im not a god damn hypocrite asshole. let me remind you i am fucking 18, will do what ever the fuck i want, and when i want. maybe i’ll tell him..maybe i’ll never fucking tell him. stay the fuck out of it…- now fuck off!”

I felt myself getting shoved harder then I shoved past him and cursed under my breath. Keeping my mouth shut…fine what ever, I just hope I’m not around when…or if Ramiro finds the hell out. Spinning around I clenched my fist and spit out more pissed off then I meant too..

Wolfgang: “No fucking reminder needed you fucking prick. You’ve been doing that all your life, why tell me the fuck now that you’ll do what the fuck  you want and when the fuck you want idiot..any idea how fucking stupid that sounds jackass. An if you do decide…I really fucking hope I’m not fucking around…to see it all fucking crash down..asshole!”

At that I walked away, I was done with Johnathan…eventually it will just get physical and if and when it of us will end up on top..or on the bottom. Sick and tired of him, regardless if it was my fault..partially my fault of his accident..right now I wished he’d gotten hurt with more than just a busted lip. Sighing I went to Yuuki and I’s room and shut the door quietly and laid down.

Ramiro: “Nothing Johnathan…don’t worry about it. Go lay down and rest alright..”




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