Mark’s POV: (Making up for lost time…) *Ch 5.5*

The night I came across Johnathan at the Cliff I literally had just come from the city to get away from work and everything else, and in a small “vacation” before going back to work Monday. It was hard at first to recognize Johnathan at first but as soon as the moonlight hit the blonde hair everything else came into view. It all got confirmed not only by his voice, but when he turned around and looked at me. Not only did my heart jump to my throat, but I also wanted him at the same time – I don’t even know what brought on that feeling, aside from how picture perfect he looked…the moonlight on him didn’t help. None the less I was happy that I at least got him to stop for the time being and turn around.

The chain of event after though – I realized he was having a very hard time. When I grabbed him and threw him to the ground a long while later and kicked the knife out of his hand – I myself practically went flying off the edge of the cliff. Seeing Johnathan just laying there on his back – was like he was somewhere else the whole time, up until he got a phone call – which led him to scream into the phone and hang up. Eventually it all led me to getting socked in the face and scrambling back on top of him. Kissing him sending a raging fire though me and I was surprised when Johnathan responded just as needy.

I honestly didn’t find it fair what I did to Johnathan, but he wanted it just as bad. I really wished though that my body wasn’t responding to his body responding…regardless if he wanted his to respond or not. Feeling his lips against mine felt perfect, and I wanted more..his body underneath mine, felt perfect. His moan shouldn’t of made me want more of this, especially in his state of mind right now. It didn’t take long though…for Johnathan to make it apparent he wanted this – and all talking, asking questions…etc cetra was done.

His hand felt so good in my hair, his lips against my lips and my skin. His whispering in my ear about how no one could hear us up here no matter how loud we got made me grit my teeth and want more, just so I could hear him moan out loud, scream and groan and say my name. When he bit me, it felt so good his skin against mine drove me over board. It was like a overload trigger to Johnathan…it didn’t take long for everything to come undone after that. My calling out Johnathan’s name, and him calling out mine, our begging for one another and for more.

Moaning, groaning, and screaming out in pleasure never felt so good. We couldn’t do that at the orphanage…we had to be quiet all the time. It felt like Johnathan and I were making up for lost time on the Cliff’s…we couldn’t get enough of one another. Eventually we did disentangle ourselves and I didn’t thing twice before grabbing Johnathan and practically dragging him back to my little place here in Windenburg. It wasn’t much of a place…single bedroom one bathroom.

We barely really got into my front door before we were all over one another again. He couldn’t get enough of me, and I couldn’t get enough of him. Our clothes were off all over again and it didn’t take long for the “wild fire” to spread once I whispered in his ear that no one could hear us here either. We eventually made it to the bathroom just to make it a wreck..and I didn’t care, the counter things were shoved off because of our want for one another all over again…needless to say even in the shower we couldn’t get enough. It was like we were one another’s own personal drug…and we couldn’t get enough..constantly wanted..needed.

08-08-17_10-23-16 PMMy bedroom was a good enough size in this little house, to be pressed against my door though and kissed hard enough to make me moan out and beg for more was what I was not expecting. Johnathan’s still wet hair sending droplet’s of water on my face as he did it sent me spinning all over again and out of breath. Wrapping my arm’s around him and pulling him against me sent both of us into a whirl of passion hotter then what it did both downstairs, and in the bathroom. I didn’t want us to make it to the bed just yet though, I wanted to take time…and push him past a limit I knew he had…and hadn’t unleashed yet. I knew he need to unleash it – he’s had to for awhile.

I knew it was a bad idea to want him to unleash…he wasn’t unleashing for a reason. He also wasn’t losing control for a reason. I knew his control he was holding back was far different from what I was holding back right now. Johnathan was sober before I even dragged him to my house, but still something about Johnathan was off..and very dark. All I knew was…I wanted and now, but was controlling myself very hard not to just go to my bed right away.08-08-17_10-22-30 PM


Johnathan gave way first though and I was thrown onto my bed. Look’s like I’d have to wait a little longer to get him to unleash and loose that control. Clothe’s came off sort of slow..and fast at the same time. Need for one another over writing everything it led to moans and more and lost in one another for hour’s on end. Eventually we fell asleep in one another’s arm’s and I am not sure for how long we’d fallen asleep…but I woke up and had to suppress a cry of surprise as Johnathan’s face loomed into view above me.

I took his face in my hand’s and brought it down and kissed him. It was like a fire had erupted, and he responded feverishly. I found myself kissing him with just as much want and need as Johnathan suddenly. I slowly rolled over so Johnathan was on his back and I was on top of him, this was Johnathan wanting and needing me with every bone in his body, and I’d give it to him. I knew this would be the chance to get Johnathan to unleash and to loose control…like he’s been wanting to all this time.

“loose control Janathan and unleash” is what I told him – his response was a dark one saying that if he did loose control I may not like it, I told him to do it anyway. I was spun around and he was back on top of me, and he bit me hard. It didn’t take long after that…for everything to spin out of control, and for our moans and groans. Calling and moaning one another’s names and screaming out in pleasure, and more to wind on through out the night and sometime into the day. Eventually we’d fallen asleep sometime, exhausted ourselves in on another’s arm’s.

When I woke up, the bed was empty next to me. Johnathan was gone…like he wasn’t there to begin with. It hurt me more than I’ve ever been hurt in my life..I felt, there wasn’t a note, or anything. No trace of him, I had no information on Johnathan or where he lived at all. In a solemn mood I packed my bag’s and locked my door to the house.

An idea sprang to my mind…I headed to the library and looked up anything on the name’s Johnathan. It didn’t take long to find photo’s of him…or of where he lived, or even the history of the family he lived with. It didn’t say much on Johnathan himself, but his parent’s made the paper’s when they were young, they just recently lost a daughter a little younger than Johnathan. I wrote down the address of the place, and made a copy of my key to my house. If Johnathan ever needed a escape, he’d have to Johnathan’s past..or even his history as to what led him to that night I’d found him.

I didn’t find anything at all on it or him..and it bothered me – “read only some…and then threw it away huh…good to then next time -” how did he even know that I’d done that. Shaking my head I wrote a small note and put it in the envelope with Johnathan’s name on it.and then put the key and my number and silently slipped it into their mailbox..the house Johnathan lived at..looked like it was built with year’s of hard and honest work..blood, sweat and tear’s …probably from the parent’s…people who adopted him. Suddenly I was wondering…what could of caused him any of that pain..after looking at that beautiful house. I suddenly wanted Johnathan all over again, shoving it out of my head…I realized I wanted to truly get to know Johnathan for who he really was.

I am thinking…I only saw a small part of who Johnathan really was the night before when he unleashed and lost control. Thinking about it, I started to blush…shoving it all away I walked back to where I parked my car and started and and drove back to the city.


Here is a key to my house…if you ever need to get away from anything. Don’t worry about bills getting paid or anything – they are automatically paid every month…- please don’t ask. The only thing I do ask…which I already know you won’ don’t bring friend’s or invite friends over…etc cetra…so my putting that there…was stupid. Also…here is my #…text of call it when ever you need someone to talk to…PLEASE! I always have my cell phone on..well except for this weekend…*blushing…literally*  

your’s , Mark.


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