Biography of Jessandra….

Jessandra grew up in Windenburg all of her life up until she was 15. Wolfgang Munch…(well Cross now) and Jessandra practically grew up together, and started hanging out around fourth grade. Wolfgang would walk to her dingy little house and walk to school with her. As time went on, …Wolfgang and Jessandra started messing around in their early teens if not before. As for Jessandra’s parent’s they thought partying was more important then parenting – leaving Jessandra to fend for herself.

When Jessandra had hit middle school she decided to follow her parent’s foot steps and dropped out of school. Wolfgang and Jessandra would still hang out….and “hook up” practically daily. Little did Jessandra know that Wolfgang was getting feeling’s for her, and was trying to help her get out of the “whirlwind” she had started getting into. When Jessandra hit 15 ..she found out she was pregnant…and though she was messing around with other men – Jessandra told Wolfgang that they were his, and he was the father. Wolfgang believed her…was there for her through out it all, up until Jessandra yelled at him telling him we wasn’t allowed near her, or the triplet’s and he was a dead beat father.

Two month’s later though…Jessandra dumped the triplet’s on Wolfgang’s door and skipped out of Windenburg and went to the city. Jessandra only came back to Windenburg twice after that…but it was under a foggy mind. Wolfgang only talked to her once out of those two times – and it was the last time he talked to her. When Wolfgang’s adopted son Johnathan had turned 16..if not a little sooner, Jessandra had been killed in a robbery gone wrong….but after further investigation it was a drug deal gone wrong…in her apartment in the city. She was brought back to Windenburg to be buried.

Only recently when Johnathan(Wolfgang’s adopted son…and Heir of the Cross Family) who is 18…told Wolfgang she was buried in Windenburg..did Wolfgang finally accept everything…about Jessandra..and him..and not being able to say goodbye.


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