I do!!!! *Ch 5.4*

I decided to put Johnathan and I’s wedding off for two more week’s while he recovered from everything that happened to him. It took him awhile to remember what caused him to panic in his room to begin with, I realized it was me. I had surprised him when he shot out of bed seeing me next to him and that is what triggered everything that happened from then on causing him to knock into the little table downstairs knocking off the vase that hit him in the head. I immediately felt bad, I explained it to him though when I thought he’d be able to handle it, take it in that I felt something was very wrong with him that morning is why I was here, next to him in his bed. He understood now why Wolfgang was also outside of his bedroom door, and realized it wasn’t intentional for him to be laying directly in front of his door when he tripped over him.

I had my stuff delivered to the house the day that Johnathan had his accident, and became a permanent residence in the house. It took a bit to get used too, but I kept to helping Johnathan than to much else. Wolfgang was always either sleeping or working…or well with Yuuki in their room. Clary and Julian kind of avoided me for awhile after I had snapped at them, when I had a chance to sit down with them I apologized to them for it – explained to them that I didn’t mean to. The two week’s went by quickly though…and before I knew it – we were finally saying… the words.. “I Do.”

As I walked out of the back door toward Ramiro, everything else around me literally disappeared. It was as if he was the only one there…even though Yuuki, Wolfgang, Clary, Julian and even the twins were there for Ramiro and I’s wedding. He was as usual looking picture perfect, a smile on his face that was practically blinding as I walked up to him. After everything we’ve been through…here we still stand and here we are..finally getting married after numerous up’s and down’s, doubts and even my most recent experience of practically losing …what ever it was that happened – not once did he leave my side during those two week’s of taking care of me…helping me.

Despite the inner battle and demon’s I was fighting still…I swore to myself that I won’t throw or drag Ramiro into this whirlwind that’s invisible to everyone else but me. I may not be the same Johnathan he fell in love with, I haven’t been for awhile – but…I still have a hunger for Ramiro that will never get filled, I can never get enough of him. Today we finally do what we’ve been wanting to do for a long time…were suppose to do two weeks ago. Walking up to Ramiro, staring into his gorgeous blue eye’s that I could….can get lost in forever – I smile. Suddenly…I feel like my life couldn’t get any better….- deep down…I knew I was fucking lying to myself…about my life…it’d never get better…misery is all I’m surrounded and stuck with.

“Do you Johnathan take Ramiro to be your husband…until death do you part.. to have and hold, in sickness and in health”

Johnathan: “I do.”

Geez….could this go any slower….is all that I’m thinking. Something tells me Ramiro is thinking the same thing…he squeezes my hand lightly..god how I love him.

“Do you Ramiro take Johnathan to be your husband…until death do you part.. to have and hold, in sickness and in heath”

Ramiro: “I do.”

“Congratulations….you may now…Ki -”

We didn’t even let them finish, finally….we were married…vows said. Officially..wasn’t just…engaged…or necklace’s…to hold until the rings…

08-08-17_10-48-07 PM

I didn’t exactly want to be rude…to my now family so to speak. To be honest though, I just wanted Johnathan and I – alone. I grabbed his hand and practically yanked him through the door and up the stair’s while they were still clapping. I could see the amusement on Wolfgang and Yuuki’s face as they saw me grab Johnathan yank him through the back door…something told me they understood…plenty. I didn’t have to yank him into our bedroom..in fact I was the one pressed against our door as it shut and Johnathan was the one locking it.

I’d had enough waiting….in fact it’d been too long to be completely honest. I had Ramiro pressed against our bedroom door and kissing him while I locked the door. It sent the room spinning in a more than good way, and a more than burning fire shooting through my body. He returned the kiss with just as much eagerness and need as I’d given him, it sent just as much fire through him as it sent through me. I ran my hand through his hair pulling him close, holding him tight as he spun around and I was against the door kissing me deep and hard his blue eye’s burning.

“baby…this is no time for thinking…honestly..after all…you’ve had enough waiting…right.”

Groaning I press him against me…of course …bond..mind..thinking…thought’s. I shut it all off and kiss him hard, finally….loose ourselves in one another….as a married couple – the thought sends me spiraling out of control in want and need…jesus christ yes!

“your right. ….i think you’ve had enough waiting too…why are you thinking….”

Backing him up and against the side of my bed making him fall backwards onto his back and laugh I land on top of him coming down with kiss hard feeling his hand’s in my hair needing and wanting more. 

Needless…to say you know how the rest of that goes…. – Johnathan and Ramiro didn’t exactly come out of their bedroom until about 2 pm the next day…just to do it all over again to the bathroom in the shower…eventually making their way downstairs to a very late lunch…



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