Biography of Mark Wood…

08-08-17_10-05-31 PM

Name: Mark Wood

Age: 19

Current Residence: City.

Getaway: Small little house in Windenburg.

Not sure where Mark was from originally…12 years ago though He and Johnathan were in the Orphanage together, and fell in love. Johnathan 6 at the time Mark 7 at the time, the boy’s being 1 year apart…already knew what they were doing. – Though…it all came crashing down when Mark got adopted at the age of 9 while Johnathan had just turned 8. What hurt the to speak from Johnathan’s Point of View in all of this..was getting told from Mark..that he was never going to leave…aside from the fact..that Mark had told Johnathan..he had strong feelings for him. Once Mark walked out the front door’s of the Orphanage though..and down those steps… and got into the limousine waiting for him…he didn’t even look back to see Johnathan standing there …hurt, angry and silently crying as he watched Mark leave.

Now…Mark being the richest man in the city..came across Johnathan..more so on a accident …that led to a few day’s of “catching up for lost time..” so to speak…before Johnathan…did what Mark did to him…walked away with out looking back. . . now…Johnathan being 18…and Mark being 19.


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