Undecisive. . . *Ch 9.5* (Part Four) -Adult Content –

(Author Note: THIS IS A CONTINUATION FROM LAST CHAPTER) Oh hell...I could still hear people talking on the other side of the small building of the rooftop¬† but they were far away. God Jason still had me pressed against the wall on the roof top. Jesus christ baby...don't do that, geez - gritting my teeth … Continue reading Undecisive. . . *Ch 9.5* (Part Four) -Adult Content –


Peaceful….for once.*Ch 8.10* – Adult Content – (Part Two)

(***Author's Note: this is a continuation from previous chapter***) I don't exactly know when I left the house, I waited though until I finally heard Johnathan's door shut an a huge thump. I was assuming it was Johnathan hitting the ground that the thump was. I waited about twenty minute's more probably after that before … Continue reading Peaceful….for once.*Ch 8.10* – Adult Content – (Part Two)