Sign and Release*Ch 5.10* – Adult Content – (Part One)

I woke up in a room and to sound's of beeping and light's dimmed and blurred vision. I shot up into a sitting position on the bed regretting it instantly. Suddenly someone's hand was on my arm telling me easy...finally everything was coming into focus, looking around I was confused. Shaking my head and regretting … Continue reading Sign and Release*Ch 5.10* – Adult Content – (Part One)

Mark’s House (Johnathan’s Diary) – Part One – *Adult Content*

MARK'S POV...: After talking with that kid at the cliff's...I realized I didn't know a damn thing about Johnathan at all. Didn't even know who or what the hell he's been through his life or what' he's recently been through. I knew the Cross name was well known in Windenburg for awhile now even when … Continue reading Mark’s House (Johnathan’s Diary) – Part One – *Adult Content*

The Cliffs (Johnathan’s Diary) *Adult Content*

Finally...getting tired from running I stop and sink to the ground. They're gone....all of them are gone...; Clary and Serenity and Elinore...and now Yuuki and Wolfgang. Gritting my teeth I let out a choked yell as tear's fall and I start to cry...I understand Wolfgang...and Yuuki and they went peacefully - it was their … Continue reading The Cliffs (Johnathan’s Diary) *Adult Content*